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The evolution of humans into upright beings has meant our babies are born too early and underveloped so that they can fit through the pelvis.  Human babies are made to be carried and kept close to their parent while they carry on developing.  Carrying in arms is lovely and responsive but when you need a hand or 2 free then a carrier or sling is vital.  Babywearing has been passed down through many cultures and traditions but waned in England with the advent of the pram in the 1890's. 

With the loss of carrying traditions in Western countries buckle carriers based on Mei Dai carriers were developed and have become mainstream.  Stretchy Wraps and Woven Wraps have also joined the market place to offer families more options to families for holding their children.

So why is it so important that we hold our babies? 

Well babies grow their brains and bond through being held by their carers.  Being next to their carer's chest helps regulate a baby's temperature, blood sugar levels, breathing and heart rate.  Holding your baby helps with feeding cues, breastfeeding and with reducing crying.


For practical reasons carrying your baby will get you around on public transport more easily, even in the rain!  You have your hands free for holding onto another child or for feeding yourself.  You can support your baby in their daytime naps and help with their transition through the 4th Trimester.

There are now a huge number of carriers and slings to chose from and this is where I come in. I help you try a selection of carriers to see which fits you best while at the same time supports your developing baby and keeps their airway safe. I come to your home so you are in your own space and help you navigate all the choices until you find those that suit you best. I also use my knowledge as a Midwife to best support your body after pregnancy and birth, as well as that of your baby.

Consultations & Workshops
A sleeping newborn is on her mother in a red and cream wrap, wearing a crochet hat.


1:1 Consultations give you the opportunity to get focused support and expertise to suit your needs.  You can learn at the speed that suits you and your child and allows for you to attend to their needs.  

There are 4 types of Consultations on offer starting from £25.

  • Mini: 30 minutes to tweak a carrier you have been given or bought- £25 (suitable for slings you are already using)

  • Intermediate: 60 minutes with a sling you already have or a particular carry you want to learn- £45 (suitable for a sling that is new to you or that you are already using)

  • Involved: 90 minutes to try a selection of carriers or 2 carries- £60 (suitable for a sling that is new to you- these can be hired for a fee from my partnership with South East London Slingers)

  • Bump to Baby: 2 x 45 minutes sessions (1 before baby is born and one after) for £75.

    • Focus is on giving you the tools to carry your baby safely in a sling 

    • Bump part suitable from 28 weeks of pregnancy

    •  Baby part to be taken before baby is 8 weeks' old

    • Partners are included in the sessions

    • You can hire a Caboo or Stretchy for a maximum of 8 weeks for an additional refundable £20 deposit (available through my partnership with South East London Slingers/SELPHUB CIC))

    • Takes place at your home


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There are currently 5 workshops that run in Woolwich. Sessions are £15 per person for 90 minutes or £25 for a couple/pair. 


  • Bumps to Babies: we will be exploring all types of carriers including stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais and buckled carriers. If there is a particular carrier you are interested in trying please contact me to check its availability beforehand . Suitable for Bumps to Babies under 4 months.

  •  Bigger Babies: we will be looking at a range of carriers including woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais and buckled carriers. If there is a particular carrier you are interested in trying please contact us to check its availability. This course is suitable for those with babies aged approximately 4 months and up.

  • Back carries with soft structured carriers: we will look at 3 methods of getting your child onto your back. This course is suitable from roughly six months with a confidently sitting child.

  • Introduction to Woven Wraps:- if you are interested in learning how to wrap your baby, we will teach you some basic carries on your front and hip. This course is suitable from birth through to preschool age.

  • Back carries in a Woven Wrap: You will learn how use the hipscoot method to tie a Ruck Back Carry, and a Double Hammock Back Carry. Suitable for those with babies or toddlers who are interested in developing their woven wrap skills.

  • Private Workshop: for up to 4 guests and their children to learn similar skills. This may be newborn wearing, back carrying, specific carries in woven wraps- just ask! Ideal for NCT groups, hypnobirthing groups, friends, baby showers and more.
    £60 for 2 hours.

A baby lies on a carrier on the floor, she is fast asleep wearing a purple babygro with an image of

About me

My name is Sarah.  I am a mother to 3 amazing children and have carried all of them, sometimes in tandem, and still carry my youngest 4 year old. I have been a Midwife for 15 years and was lucky to be given a handmade Mei Dai from a friend just after my eldest child was born.  There were limited resources for learning how to use it but I found a Sling Library and used to do a 2.5 hr round trip every month to get the support I needed but also to try out other carriers and slings.  I was comfortable carrying my eldest in a sling throughout the whole of my second pregnancy and wore my second baby in a ring sling the day of their birth.  I carried my baby pretty much full time and would put his brother on my back for his daily naps until he grew out of them.  Getting up and back to London on public transport was a juggle but I was always offered a seat when I had a child or 2 in a sling.  I finally bought a double buggy when my boys were coming up to age 4 and 2 but still continued to use a sling.  My daughter went straight into a sling when she was born and again I tandem carried with her brothers- I never managed a triple carry!

I helped a friend set up a sling library in High Wycombe but although I carried my children I didn't feel I was qualified to give anything beyond the most basic support.  When we moved back to London I helped out at the Greenwich and Lewisham Sling Library and gained a lot of experience through helping families and playing with more carriers.  I did some training with School of Babywearing then eventually trained with Slingababy in 2016 and became a Consultant.  In 2017, along with 2 friends, we set up South East London Slingers and we were based at The Big Red Bus Club in Charlton on Thursday mornings from 2018 until Covid struck.  We are now in The Woolwich Centre on Thursday mornings and will be starting a social group on Thursday afternoons at The Royal Standard in Blackheath from May 2022.

I am fully insured with BGI and am continuing to access training, such as Sling Smart which focuses on the safety of the child in the carrier/sling- so vitally important.  I also attended Carry On London and The Wrap Show CPD sessions to continue learning about premature babies, inclusivity, how holding babies can protect them from ACE (Adverse Childhood Events) amongst other topics.

For my own interest I am learning about the traditional uses of a Rebozo (a traditional cloth from South America).

Babywearing has been a huge help on my parenting journey and I want to share this skill with you.  Holding your child close, feeling their body weight against you is a unique feeling.  Let me help you keep your babies close and safe.

About Me
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